Getting the Band Back Together

Hiyeeeeee!!!! So it’s been a few years to say the least. I’ve been through a few career changes and life changes since we last spoke. To sum it up closed my shop, became a nanny for a bit, got married, stopped being a nanny, stopped being married, became a visual merchandiser, and probably gonna stop being a visual merchandiser and get back on the path I’ve always known was me…… Vintage clothing and Antiques.

This post will be a short one not containing any pictures or anything because I’m just easing back into it. I think I just needed a break from it all after everything that happened. I lost the love for a minute, the passion, the thrill of the hunt. I got bloody exhausted from trying to survive and beat corporate America at it’s game.

Then I joined corporate America last year. At first I drank the Kool-Aid, paid time off!? Insurance!? DISCOUNT!? (It was retail….) Then it slowly set in I wasn’t going anywhere there, sure they dangled the carrot of promotion in front of my face, lasting with the company, “growing” but in reality I was under employed and told I didn’t have the experience to be a manager…. In the corporate world owning a business for five years, with employees, during a recession, doesn’t count as “management material” never mind that I was a fricken cinematography major or my Dad was commercial photographer. CLEARLY I have no useful experience in the world of visual according to corporate America.

But…. Positive note through this B.S. I found clarity! Renewed Passion! And mainly I’d had a few paid vacations at this point that really let me realize. I MISS VINTAGE CLOTHING. Buying, selling, photographing, hunting it down, all of it. Sure PTO is great but when it comes down to it, being in business for myself is better. I’m older now, experienced one recession, studied my retail history (moved close to the library and am there every week!) have more direction, and know that I can get Factory to where I want it be.

So be on the look out for more posts, more clothing, and most importantly a new physical shop. Hint it’s not where you think it’s gonna be and I’m not giving any details on that until it’s set in stone. Hopefully I still have some readers maybe I’ll gain a few new ones!

As always I apologize for my grammar I write like a talk. You can find me on IG Factorygirl1982 it’s private but I’ll mostly likely accept you if you request!





3 Responses to “Getting the Band Back Together”

  1. I have a lot to tell you about Anna Spahn and her family. I am her great nephew.

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