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Float On.

Posted in Uncategorized on November 9, 2012 by factorygirl82

Phew it’s been awhile, This post it’s not going to be to much about the pictures or fashion. If you know me personally you know what I have been through in the past few months, If you don’t well I’m going to tell you! Basically I’ve been through hell. My family home of thirty years was stolen from me by Bank of America and Fanny May. I’m sure many of you have been through this too. My physical store of Factory has closed as well. Does this discourage me? Nope. I have found strength through my family and friends.  You want to know what happened? I will tell you. Don’t feel bad for me though, know that that I have been hell and raised to pull through. Know that I have the support system that has surprised me 

        Basically after an amazing vacation I came home to nightmare I wish on no one. My home was taken from my family after thirty years. By BANK OF AMERICA. Which as far as I’m concerned can suck it beyond anything. It wasn’t that my family couldn’t afford our home. It was that five yes FIVE different banks were trying to tell my family that they owned the deed to our home. Yet none of them could produce the supposed deed to our home. So FANNY MAE and BANK OF AMERICA decided it was okay to kick my parents out of their home or thirty yes 30 YEARS in one day. They put locks on our doors so we could not get back in and gave them 15 yes FIFTEEN minutes to get some of their belongings out. This did not include their cats. YES THEIR CATS. Because they didn’t have a cat carrier. They were out in 15 minutes. Which as a side note my parents had filed paper work about said deed two weeks before. AND CHEE ISN’T QUESTIONABLE THAT A GORGEOUS HOUSE IN EAST ROGER PARK ON THE LAKE!  Once my parents had filed paper work about who had the deed suddenly gets taken by BANK OF AMERICA? Hmmm just curious, but basically this was point that my life changed, This was the point that I found out who my friends were. Who were the people that would love me no matter what. Who I cared about me and my family beyond anything,

            When this happened, my parents were fighting in court. Fighting to save our home of thirty years. 30 YEARS. Did I mention that? My sister was two when we bought it, me not a glimmer in their eye yet. Home is the one place your always supposed to go to. It’s where everything is safe. It’s where my sister and I our heights were written on those walls, It is where every time the season changes I could smell it in the air. It was stolen from us.

          Right now the government is suing BANK OF AMERICA because of all the ILLEGAL FORECLOSURES that happened. What does my family get? $900 honestly if my family wasn’t so hurt for cash I’d say FUCK THAT! I want my home back.

          After all of this happened I got NOT AFRAID tattooed on my arm. In the span of year I almost died, lost my home, and am closing my business. Repeatedly I have been hit with shit. I have always come through it with the help of my friends and family.  Some people might curl up in  ball and die. Not me.  My dad his anthem when he was fighting in court everyday? Not afraid eminem. Mine has been “Shake it Out” Florence and the Machine.

                   Obama has just won again. As a woman my body is eternally grateful. But seriously as a small business owner where the fuck was my bail out? I put more money into my local economy! As a home owner what the fuck happened? Where is the middle class? Where is the American dream?

                     I’m not dead yet. As my dad says ” It’s not the Donner party but it’s getting close” I am going to fight beyond anything to get myself back up to wear I was with the help of my friends.




Thank you to The: Burns, The Clancys, The Halls, The Ungars,The Grimms, Ned I don’t know your last name but thank you. Robert Kindness as well. To Moe, Ashley A., Ashley S. Anne Dakota, Janine,  Beth, Lucia, Emily, if wasn’t for all of you I think I would be curled up in a ball and not fighting forward. Thank you.