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Halloween, Halloween!

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Last year for my Halloween blog I wrote about my some of my favorite scary movies. I was hoping I’d have more to add to the list this year but really there’s not been anything to amazing. Insidious was the only one, it was very good. See it if you haven’t already.  So this year as it’s close to my heart and business I decided to write about costumes. Specifically handmade/put together costumes.

So as we know by now I’m a small business owner. A vintage clothing store owner to be exact. Halloween is one of my biggest times of the year. Unfortunately in the past couple of years my business has been hit, by the dreaded pop up Halloween shop. There are now three within about a mile of my business. Thanks guys. Now I don’t like these things because yes they take away from business but also they ruin the best part of Halloween…… Making your costume!

This is a friend of mine dressed up last year as Carmen San Diego. Awesome idea! Also costume bought at a thrift store! Cheap and not really gonna run into anyone with the same outfit.  The photo above that is me as the runner up for Miss Detroit 1958, I killed myself because I lost. I tend to like the bloody and macabre costumes. This year my boyfriend and I are going as John Dillinger after he was shot and I shall be the lady in red. Where are we finding our costumes? My shop, thrift stores, and home.

Friends of  mine as Tinker Bell and the Fifth Element. The Tinker Bell costume was made by her mother and the Fifth Element made at home and then had the suspenders made by a company. Again super original! Cheap! As a kid I would start planning my Halloween costume months in advance. I still do because it’s soooo much fun! I remember my mom taking my sister and I to Vogue fabrics in Evanston. We would pick out fabrics, go through pattern books, and in general just have a blast. My sister has an awesome Wonder Woman costume that she put together when she was about twenty. It’s better than any store bought one I’ve seen. All it required was card board, gold fabric, some glue, and again a trip to the thrift store. My favorite was the felt poodle skirt when I was a 1950s girl. Only mine didn’t have a poodle on it. It had a record. I loved that costume. I still have all of it. Circle skirt simple thing to make and again not gonna run into someone else with the same outfit.

Another friend of mine as the little boy from the movie “Up” Hilarious costume, especially this picture. I don’t understand not wanting to make your costume. It’s so fun! It doesn’t take that long and for girls that like to do the slut thing you can still be slutty without buying the “naughty cop” outfit. How sick am I of seeing that? I did the somewhat slutty costume two years ago.

Here I am as a cigarette girl. The dress was super short and low cut. I was wearing a massive push up bra. But put it together myself. You wont find this outfit in a Halloween store. I made my Parliament tray, bought three packs of cigs glued them to the tray, the rest were empty, and through out the night sold a cig for a buck. A great costume!

This is one of my favorite group costumes ever! A couple years ago when Beyonce “All the Single Ladies” was huge three girlfriends of mine did all the single Zombies. Hilarious! Original! Again not sold in stores.

My cousin and I as Mad Magazines Spy Vs. Spy. Not sold in stores. The funny thing with this one was we had to make our bomb and dynamite.  When we asked people at a Halloween store if they had a fake bomb or fake dynamite they looked at us like we asked them for a live baby.  Seriously of all the things for Halloween and fake TNT weirds you out? Again why they are lame not an ounce of originality in those places or a sense of humour.

I know planning a Halloween costume can be time consuming but seriously take an hour out of your week. If you’re having trouble with an easy idea or even a complex one stop by my shop I’ve got a list of great ideas. Also making your own costumes supports small business like me! Good Karma points, who doesn’t love a few extra Karma points? You’ll find if you go to most vintage stores to shop for costumes if they don’t have what you are looking for they can direct you to someone who does. I love Halloween. I can’t wait to have my Lady in Red costume put together. I can’t wait to hear all the original idea’s and help you guys put your outfits together!

Happy Halloween!