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Hats! Hats! Hats!

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I love hats. Especially vintage hats. I have a vast collection. I actually had to narrow down my collection a bit because there were so many I wasn’t wearing. If a really cool hat comes into the store it is always hard for me to resist. I’m talking about real pieces of art hats. Not baseball caps, not the Britney fedora, and not the newsboy hat. I’m talking milliners. I decided to write a blog on my love of hats because I just got an abundance of them at the shop. I bought some very cool late 1940s and 1950s womens hats and then some fabulous early 1960s mens hats. If you don’t wear hats don’t be shy read on to find out how to rock a vintage hat! You’ll feel fabulous trust me.

My favorite style of hat for women is the late 1930s early 1940s. This is a picture from the movie “His Girl Friday” She’s got some amazing hats. I want them all. I like that back in the day you never left the house without hat. That hats were not only functional but beautiful!

A lot of people today don’t think they can wear hats, news flash…. You can! You just aren’t use to seeing yourself in a hat and you think that all hats sit way down on your head. They do not. It was in the 1920s that hat’s for women sat all the way down on the head. This style became popular again in the 1960s as well.  Most vintage hats perch. Women generally wore their hair fluffy and curly. The last thing you would want when you took your hat off was hat hair. Hence hat pins! Ingrid Bergman is wearing a female version of the fedora in Casablanca. If you notice it’s perching. So if you go into a vintage store, remember that your head is actually not as big as you think. The hat just perches!

That’s Twiggy in a 1960s cloche. This is the kind of hat that sits down on your ears and gives you hat hair. Now in the 1920s hat hair wasn’t so much an issue because hair was very flat and short. You either had the straight Louise Brooks bob or the flat finger wave both styles look great with a cloche. Longer hair can be tricky with the cloche because that’s wear hat hair occurs and a true cloche looks strange perched.

The first hat I ever bought was a Jackie O style pillbox. I think I was about 11 and it was in Michigan. This was the beginning of the great hat collection. The pillbox is a great style. It’s becoming popular again due to Mad Men. The thing that I like about the pillbox is it looks super cute on the crown of the head but also looks great pushed forward like how the British Royals wear the fascinators. Pushed forward toward the side it also can be a faux 1930s or 1940s hat.

This is a 1930s but as I said above the pillbox can be worn forward to mimic this style.

This is one of my favorite style of hats the large floppy hat! It’s a bit impractical but something about it just makes you feel like a movie star. This style can perch or be worn like a cloche. It’s great for the sun and is the popular style for the Kentucky Derby.  What I love about the floppy hat is like Marilyn it can be worn very glamorous or like Bridget Bardot it’s great for the beach!

Now onto Men’s hats. I looooove a guy in a hat. Men you need to wear hats more. And again I’m not talking about a baseball hat. I’m talking a fedora! A porkpie! A trilby! Trilby is the short brimmed fedora and I just learned this so it is my new favorite term. Even the cowboy hat if worn like James Dean.

I grew up in a house hold where if we were going to a fancy dinner my dad would put on his suit, leather trench coat, and fedora. His best friend did the same thing. It’s called style guys. Get some. I think if you ask most girls a guy in a good suit and a fitted hat makes them swoon. I know it does for me.

Now like with women’s hats men’s hats do not sit all the way down. They perch! But men don’t get the luxury of hat pins so it needs to feel a bit secure but not smooshed down. The fedora and the trilby perch. The porkpie can perch or be worn a little pulled down. The motorcycle a la Brando is worn down.

An example of the Trilby. Worn slightly perched. Don Draper. Swoon worthy.

The motorcycle cap worn lower. Still swoon worthy!

So that’s my ode to hats and how to wear them. Here’s a photograph of me in a hat I won for wearing a fabulous hat at a high tea, then this hat also won me free booze for a royal wedding event!


Bad Boys why are they sooo good?

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If you recall in Feb around Valentines Day I wrote a blog on my being a dysfunctional romantic. This has not changed. I still very much am. Although my thing for emotionally unavailable bad boys that are brown has changed slightly, only slightly. I am dating someone, shocking I know! And he’s pretty much a bad boy. Don’t worry he treats me very well. He’s just kind of a bad ass in general. A tall, burly, full tattoo sleeved, motorcycle riding, slicked back hair, in a band, kinda boy. Basically parents hide your daughters type deal but not, because again treats me well. And my Dad loves him. Go figure?  People seem to think we look very good together. We get that a lot when we go out. We compliment each other well. Recently a friend of mine met him. As he pulled away on his bike she turns and says “He’s like Johnny Depp in Cry Baby” I guess this makes me Allison Vernon-Williams.  So this got me thinking on a few films with bad boys and why they are so appealing?

Let’s start with the obvious one. Cry Baby!

The John Waters classic. I love this movie. Johnny Depp is smoking hot in it as is Traci Lords. I wanted her entire wardrobe. I wanted him. I guess he would be categorized as the sensitive bad boy. Or is that kind of a general bad boy trait? I think that may be the difference between a bad boy and just a jerk. The bad boy like Johnny Depp in Cry Baby was born into the life and didn’t really have a choice. The “has to do what he has to do” to survive type. How is that not appealing to a gal! If you are thinking I’m nuts at this moment just remind yourself, she’s a dysfunctional romantic.

The true rebel without a cause. James Dean. One can not discuss bad boys with out thinking of James Dean.  He pretty much created the bad boy motto of “Live fast, Die young, and Leave a good looking corpse” Rebel without a Cause is a great movie. He truly is a rebel without a cause, because honestly his parents are pretty chill. He’s just misunderstood. The misunderstood brooding bad boy is also a classic. Especially when they are ridiculously well dressed and good looking like James Dean. The misunderstood bad boy has mystery, is intriguing, and usually highly intelligent.

Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke. The Anti-Society bad boy. Again I think this is a general trait to bad boys but the fact that Luke was on a chain gang for busting parking meters kinda ups his cred. The Anti-Society Take a Stand bad boy is very passionate about their cause. That is always attractive.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed there is a smoking hot theme with the bad boys of cinema. This is not always true to bad boys in real life, but it definitely helps reel a girl in. Oh and smoking in general no bad boy is complete without a cig hanging from their mouth.

Lastly the most dangerous kind of bad boy that there is the sociopath. I love  Heathers. Christian Slater was my first crush. While all my other tween friends were crushing on Jordan from the New Kids on the Block I was crushing on Christian Slater from Heathers. See? Dysfunctional. The sociopath (again it helps if they are smoking hot like Christian) so intriguing, so challenging, so crazy, what girl doesn’t like a good challenge when it comes to dating?

So what is it about the bad boy that make us good girls go bad? I could get into a whole psychological stand point on this but I think I just want to keep this light and fluffy.  To me pretty much everything discussed above is appealing. But girls keep this one thing in mind a true bad boy will treat his lady well even if he is a rebel outlaw. There is a difference between a jerk face whose just a jerk and a bad boy.