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Aloha Hawaii!

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I’m obsessed with Hawaiian dresses and rayon Hawaiian shirts. I’ve never actually been to Hawaii but I watched Lost and Hawaii 5-0 (the new one it rocks don’t hate) My sister and I are planning a sis out trip soon and I’m very excited for it. But I have a small collection of vintage Hawaiian dresses. I love them. I love the sarong ones, I love the full skirt ones.  There is something so bright and happy about vintage Hawaiian wear. Newer Hawaiian shirts are kinda cheesy but the ones from the 1940s and 1950s are beautiful pieces of art.

Just a cute vintage Hawaii advertisement I found.

This is a 1940s Rayon Hawaiian shirt that I was lucky enough to find while I was out thrifting. It looks like it’s never been worn. It has cute wooden buttons. The colors are positively stunning. I’m definitely addicted to Hawaiian shirts for men, now I don’t know if I would ever date someone that wore one but I do like to look at them.

This is a newer example of a great Hawaiian dress from a classic designer. Hilo Hattie. I love the colors and the ruffles. On the right person this dress would be a stunning summer evening dress.

Just a little short blog today.  Summer is slowly creeping into Chicago so I thought I’d talk about some of my favorite summer wear. The two photos are items available in my brick and mortar shop and on the etsy website.

So check them out if you like along with some other classic Hawaiian and Tikki garments.