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Fashion. Turn to the Left.

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I was recently reading an article in Bazaar about and by a female fashion blogger. I being the space cadet I can be, forgot where I put it. The thing about this article that stood out to me, is it was about how she thought that she didn’t have a boyfriend or repelled men because of her love of fashion.  After reading this, the truth of the matter was it wasn’t that she “repelled” these potential suitors because of her love of fashion. It was because she wore high fashion even if it didn’t look good on her.  I’m not saying that you should dress to attract a mate, but one of the biggest problems in the fashion today, especially for women, is the not dressing for your body. It drives me positively nuts. There are just certain things that not every body type can wear and then there are certain things that it doesn’t matter if it’s couture it’s just ugly.

I googled what the trends for spring 2011 are and the above photo is what I found. I sometimes think that designers truly hate women. I get that runaway to department store are different. But if this is what I have to look forward to for spring, you better believe I’m doing what I always do and sticking to my 1950s dresses. There is not one thing in that line up of trends that looks good on me (or that I actually like but sticking to the point) The bright outfit my sister could definitely rock but that’s because she has a very different body type then me. She is tall, olive complexion, and slender. I am short, pale, and curvy. By curvy I mean actually curvy not plus size. One of my pet peeves is that curvy and plus size are different! I go in at the waist. Just like one of my favorite pin up models of the moment.

Doris Mayday.  She is a curvy girl like me and always wears garments that suit her body type.  I like my curves and I like to wear dresses that show them off. Like the one in the above photo. Doris is wearing a reproduction dress of a 1950s style. She looks fabulous, why? Because fashion use to celebrate a woman’s body type. It would cinch at the waist to show off the smallest part of you! One of the trends this season is the 1970s. This is wear, in my opinion women’s fashion started to take a turn for the worst. There was the high waisted pant, which normally I am a fan of a la the 1940s high waisted trouser but something in the 1970s design just went horribly wrong. Then there were hip huggers which I absolutely love but no way in hell would they ever look good on me or most of the female population in general. If you got hips it doesn’t work, why would you want to accentuate the largest part of you?

Seriously? Seriously? Again designers why do you hate women!? This is not high fashion this is hideous. I don’t care if you’re 5’11 110 lbs or 5,4 140 lbs it wont look good. It looks like a sagging diaper! This I distinctly remember the blogger saying she loved. Why? It wasn’t cute on Jasmin in Alladdin it wont be cute on ANYONE!

Now the above photo is from Mad Men. We have Betty, Joanie, and Peggy three women with three very different body types. They all look  great. They would turn heads of men and women walking down the street. Why? Because they are dressed for their body type. Yes it’s retro but it’s classic. These looks can be tweeked to be updated so you don’t feel like you’re in a costume. In general though the dresses fit each girl perfectly and flatter all three different body types.

Lastly my girl Bernie Dexter. She’s a tiny thing and she can wear a lot of different looks. She’s designs reproduction clothing and it’s amazingly cute.

I guess I just felt the need to get that off my chest. It took me a long time to realize that just because something is trendy doesn’t mean I can wear it. There are a lot of looks I love but not on me. I enjoy fashion. I love couture and can appreciate the art behind it. But there is a definite difference between couture, art, and hideous.

Just my opinion on modern fashion. I might be a little bias to the looks of old. Check out our etsy for dresses similar to these!