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The Wonderful World of Barbie

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To quote wonderful song by Aqua (note sarcasm) I am a Barbie girl.  Growing up I loved Barbie. Still do. If you have been in the store or been to my house you’ve seen the mad amount of Barbie Dolls I own.  Now a days they are more for collecting, hence the Spice Girl dolls, the Gwen Stefani Dolls, Bowling Barbie, Britney, Vitamin C Barbie, Dolls of the world, and Medusa Barbie.  I’m also really hoping my mom gets me Joan Holloway Barbie from the Mad Men. They are coming out in a few weeks. HINT! I swear I’m over twelve.

To be quite honest Barbie Rocks.  I know there are people that think she’s a bad influence and an impossible standard of beauty but that’s not true. And also on the mothers and fathers to let their children know it’s a doll not reality! A little history of the awesomeness that is Barbie.

That is the original Barbie Doll, introduced to the world in 1959.  Barbie was and is a product of Mattel.

She was created by Ruth Handler. Barbie was the first doll for little girls that was a woman. Until Barbie all dolls girls could play with were baby dolls, and Ruth Handler saw how much her daughter Barbie liked playing with her paper dolls, that were images of movie stars and grown woman, that she could dress up and change careers.  So Ruth thought to herself why don’t I make an actual doll like that? Hence Barbie.  The thing that was great about Barbie back in the day was that she truly was the ultimate feminist. All the careers she had, movie star, teacher, astronaut, stewardess, fashion designer etc…. Oh yes there was Ken but up until Ruth Handler got kicked out of Mattel there was no groom Ken. There was a bride Barbie but never a groom Ken. Because as Ruth Handler said Ken was just the ultimate fashion accessory for Barbie.

My sister and I use to fight like crazy when were little. So much so that it drove my mother nuts. Being the youngest I just wanted to be like my big sister. So I followed her around and annoyed her to no end.  To be fair there were a couple of years where she definitely tried to get rid of me. But anyway that’s a whole other blog. So we use to fight like crazy and it drove my mother nuts. We both loved Barbie. So the way my mother got us to stop fighting was she created a checklist of who started the fight.  She would put a check under whomever started the fight and at the end of the month whoever had the least amount of checks got to go to Toys R Us and pick out a Barbie doll or Barbie doll outfit.  Needless to say it took all of two months before there were no more fights.

My mother had her creative ways that’s for sure.  But so did my sister and I, we were lucky and had an amazing sun room that was our Barbies kingdom.  The right side was her Barbie kingdom the left side was mine. We would play in there for hours. Ultimately different variations of Ken being kidnapped by evil blond barbie. We were always fans of barbies like Whitney because she had dark hair like us. Whitney would have to save Ken and then there was always a big ball at the end with our two kingdoms combined.

We also loved mermaids and wanted a mermaid Barbie which they make now but back in the 1980s did not exist.  We went to Vogue fabrics in Evanston and bought little bits of the stretchy sequin trim and would wrap that around theirs legs making them mermaids.  In the summer we would also wrap saran wrap around their legs and paint it with nail polish. Then make a water fall for them with our hose.

Those are some of my favorite Barbie memories. I just felt like writing a bit about her because she still has a huge influence on my life.  I like Barbie always will. I also like staying a connected to my childhood.