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Hollywood Glamour

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I realized as I’ve been writing this that I really haven’t given people an idea of what my fashion inspiration is, for shame! Like my taste in music my taste in fashion is super eclectic.  I’ve gone through many phases but one thing I always come back to is classic Hollywood Glamour.  Since I was a little girl the person I’ve thought to be the most beautiful in the world is Marilyn Monroe.  Even when she was still Norma Jean I thought she was beautiful. I still do. Marilyn just has that something it’s not necessarily sex appeal although she certainly has that, but to me she was just a goddess. No one could compare.

I was always a vintage gal even from a young age. One of my favorite Halloween costumes was also one of my sad moments in life.  I went as Lauren Bacall.  I wore a dress my mom had bought in the 1960s but was actually from the 1940s. It was that beautiful black silk velvet with lace trim and rhinestones. I definitely still have it but no way could I fit in it now! My momma was tiny! But anyway back to the story my mom did my hair and my sister put bright red lipstick on me and mascara. I felt like a movie star. Then I went trick or treating and had to explain to everyone who Lauren Bacall was. After a while I would grumpily reply “Humphrey Bogart’s Wife!” I was ten and thought everyone knew who Lauren Bacall was.  I always admired the bombshell actresses as well as the femme fatales.  I definitely felt out of place. Once at a bar mitzvah  one of my classmates asked me why my hair was up the way it was, my response “That was how they wore their hair in the 1940s” Then my life changed for the better….

I was fourteen sitting at home I think it was the summer for the stories sake we will just go with the summer. But I was watching MTV, back when they actually played music videos, and all of sudden there is this girl on screen. Platinum blonde hair, the coolest bangs  I’d ever seen, bright red lips, and dark brown eyes. She was like Betty Boop meets Marilyn Monroe! She wore her hair how I always wanted to and occasionally did (If I was feeling brave) she dressed in a way I could relate to!  Gwen Stefani rocked my world and she still does.  My sister actually took me to meet No Doubt at the merchandise mart here in Chicago I was so star struck I couldn’t say two words. I may have uttered “You’re cool” I’m not really positive I was trying not to faint.

But anywho just wanted to share a bit how my sense of fashion has molded itself through the years.  I def go through phases still but one things for sure I always come back to that old school Hollywood Glamour.

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Johnny Rotten

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Chola Style

My Girl of the moment

It's Britney Bitch!

Posh Spice!

My goddess

My Girl!



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Well the weather is really turning now. Tomorrow is supposed to be 71! Here’s hoping. If so I plan on spending the evening in my favorite beer garden sipping sangria.  So not a lot to update just a lot of new stuff in the store! I posted a bunch of stuff of etsy and there is a ton of dresses out in the store that I got that are amazing! So come check it out.  Other than that I’ll update ya’ll on my love life in a bit. There’s a possible honey in the picture.

Trigger's New Fave Spot!

Spring has Sprung!

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You know it’s sad when you live in Chicago and 47 degrees feels like a heat wave. But whose ready for spring? This vintage shop owner! Why you ask? Well not only the better weather but the fun clothes. I love dresses and skirts and light jackets! Plus until recently almost all of my personal high heels were open toed ones. This does not work for the winter. What can I say I’m a sucker for open toed heels.  Anywho the heart break is coming a long okay in case you all were wondering.  A girls gotta move on to better things. But buying spring clothes can be highly distracting. I photographed and put up a bunch of items on etsy. com and just had to share with you the kind of help I get at the store. Seriously, who hired this guy?

Sleeping On the Job!

I'm the star!

Cat in a box..... ADORABLE!

Lazy Heart Break

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It’s been a while as you can probably tell from the title, I’ve been going through a slight heart break. Stupid men or should I say boys. But whatever as my friend Dolly says the best revenge is living fabulously and that’s what I intend to do.  So I’ve been laying low watched five seasons of Lost! and two seasons of Supernatural. Don’t diss good eye candy on both parts.  As for the world of vintage…. Factory has finally restocked Go Go Boots! We’ve got pink and white again.  I hope to order a lime green and red soon too! I also ordered a bunch of accessories. I’ve gotten lots of new head bands, sunglasses, cute rhinestone cherry ear rings, peacock feather ear rings, and did a I mention sunglasses? The sun is peaking out winter is clearing away. So be on the look for lots of summer dresses and summer skirts! Be sure to check out all the new items on look under sellers factorygirl82

1970s Cranberry Glitter Maxi Dress

1940s Black Crepe Gown