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Winter! Grrr!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 18, 2010 by factorygirl82

Well it’s still winter! So over it. I’ve put my winter coats on clearance. So come check them out. Because I am sick of them! I can feel spring coming around the corner and boy I can’t wait! Dresses with out tights! Capris! Ballet Flats! Light Coats! These are the things about spring that I love. Oh and no long underwear!!! Have I mentioned my boredom of jeans, long underwear, tshirt, and cardigans. This has been my uniform this past winter, why you ask? Because it’s always freezing in the store! Which is why Bullet rarely  leaves his spot next to the radiator.  Trigger has been ridiculously hyper. Either he’s found someone to give him coffee when I’m not there or he didn’t get the memo that as cats get older they should mellow out! Well lots of new hats on Etsy. It’s been going really well sold two dresses to the european union! But check them out and check out all the cool coats that have been marked down.  


Snow Day!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 9, 2010 by factorygirl82

Wow it is certainly coming down today. To tell you the truth I wasn’t sure it would actually happen. But it did. This winter has not been particularly snowy. Cold definitely. While at the store for a little bit Trigger was running around like a chicken with his head cut off.  Bullet in his usual space on the bed next to the radiator. Any who a snow day is a great day to work on the blog and work on etsy so that is what I did.  I posted some great pieces. I posted pictures of my three new favorites down below. The oscars are coming up and there are definitely some great gowns at the store for oscar parties.  I’m working right now on doing an academy awards window.  I know I know but Valentines Day you say! Well I just didn’t have anything saucey enough or red enough to make a really cool window. So I’m opting for an Academy Awards one, with lots of glitz and glamour.  I will def post a picture of it when it is completed.  Also be on the look for a Factory Vintage Clothing website soon. I wont sell anything off it because I’m very happy with Etsy at the moment. But it will have all the information plus biographies on Bullet and Trigger. I know you all are excited for that! So here are the pix for my faves at the moment. And will see you guys on the flip side.

The 1951 Wedding Dress

1951 Wedding Dress

1940s Gown

Bullet and Trigger

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So my cats Bullet and Trigger are a huge part of the store.  They have many fans and friends who stop by and say hi on a daily basis.  So of course on this blog I’ll keep you up to date on them.  Trigger has been particularly rambunctious lately. He loves to drink my coffee. Which I’ve always found to be weird considering I drink it black with three sugars. Trigger is also normally the quiet one but lately he’s been pretty chatty with everyone. And of course the occasional silent meow which is just strange. Bullet has been his usual mellow self chillin on the cat bed next to the radiator.  Only lately he’s been extra nice and sharing with Trigger.

Bullet Doing What he does Best

What's Wrong with Your Ear?

But I also posted some more purses on you can find me under sellers Factorygirl82

New Etsy!

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Well I have posted about 60 items on etsy in the past week. A lot of great purses and suits and dresses! I love etsy it’s so easy to use and I love being able to ship items all over the country and world! I’ve sold stuff all the way to Australia.  I’ll post a couple pics of items I put up there. But definitely go to the website and check out my store. Just look up Factorygirl82 under sellers.

1930s Silk Chiffon Dress

1950s Never Used Beaded Clutch

1950s Pucci Outfit