Getting the Band Back Together

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Hiyeeeeee!!!! So it’s been a few years to say the least. I’ve been through a few career changes and life changes since we last spoke. To sum it up closed my shop, became a nanny for a bit, got married, stopped being a nanny, stopped being married, became a visual merchandiser, and probably gonna stop being a visual merchandiser and get back on the path I’ve always known was me…… Vintage clothing and Antiques.

This post will be a short one not containing any pictures or anything because I’m just easing back into it. I think I just needed a break from it all after everything that happened. I lost the love for a minute, the passion, the thrill of the hunt. I got bloody exhausted from trying to survive and beat corporate America at it’s game.

Then I joined corporate America last year. At first I drank the Kool-Aid, paid time off!? Insurance!? DISCOUNT!? (It was retail….) Then it slowly set in I wasn’t going anywhere there, sure they dangled the carrot of promotion in front of my face, lasting with the company, “growing” but in reality I was under employed and told I didn’t have the experience to be a manager…. In the corporate world owning a business for five years, with employees, during a recession, doesn’t count as “management material” never mind that I was a fricken cinematography major or my Dad was commercial photographer. CLEARLY I have no useful experience in the world of visual according to corporate America.

But…. Positive note through this B.S. I found clarity! Renewed Passion! And mainly I’d had a few paid vacations at this point that really let me realize. I MISS VINTAGE CLOTHING. Buying, selling, photographing, hunting it down, all of it. Sure PTO is great but when it comes down to it, being in business for myself is better. I’m older now, experienced one recession, studied my retail history (moved close to the library and am there every week!) have more direction, and know that I can get Factory to where I want it be.

So be on the look out for more posts, more clothing, and most importantly a new physical shop. Hint it’s not where you think it’s gonna be and I’m not giving any details on that until it’s set in stone. Hopefully I still have some readers maybe I’ll gain a few new ones!

As always I apologize for my grammar I write like a talk. You can find me on IG Factorygirl1982 it’s private but I’ll mostly likely accept you if you request!





Float On.

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Phew it’s been awhile, This post it’s not going to be to much about the pictures or fashion. If you know me personally you know what I have been through in the past few months, If you don’t well I’m going to tell you! Basically I’ve been through hell. My family home of thirty years was stolen from me by Bank of America and Fanny May. I’m sure many of you have been through this too. My physical store of Factory has closed as well. Does this discourage me? Nope. I have found strength through my family and friends.  You want to know what happened? I will tell you. Don’t feel bad for me though, know that that I have been hell and raised to pull through. Know that I have the support system that has surprised me 

        Basically after an amazing vacation I came home to nightmare I wish on no one. My home was taken from my family after thirty years. By BANK OF AMERICA. Which as far as I’m concerned can suck it beyond anything. It wasn’t that my family couldn’t afford our home. It was that five yes FIVE different banks were trying to tell my family that they owned the deed to our home. Yet none of them could produce the supposed deed to our home. So FANNY MAE and BANK OF AMERICA decided it was okay to kick my parents out of their home or thirty yes 30 YEARS in one day. They put locks on our doors so we could not get back in and gave them 15 yes FIFTEEN minutes to get some of their belongings out. This did not include their cats. YES THEIR CATS. Because they didn’t have a cat carrier. They were out in 15 minutes. Which as a side note my parents had filed paper work about said deed two weeks before. AND CHEE ISN’T QUESTIONABLE THAT A GORGEOUS HOUSE IN EAST ROGER PARK ON THE LAKE!  Once my parents had filed paper work about who had the deed suddenly gets taken by BANK OF AMERICA? Hmmm just curious, but basically this was point that my life changed, This was the point that I found out who my friends were. Who were the people that would love me no matter what. Who I cared about me and my family beyond anything,

            When this happened, my parents were fighting in court. Fighting to save our home of thirty years. 30 YEARS. Did I mention that? My sister was two when we bought it, me not a glimmer in their eye yet. Home is the one place your always supposed to go to. It’s where everything is safe. It’s where my sister and I our heights were written on those walls, It is where every time the season changes I could smell it in the air. It was stolen from us.

          Right now the government is suing BANK OF AMERICA because of all the ILLEGAL FORECLOSURES that happened. What does my family get? $900 honestly if my family wasn’t so hurt for cash I’d say FUCK THAT! I want my home back.

          After all of this happened I got NOT AFRAID tattooed on my arm. In the span of year I almost died, lost my home, and am closing my business. Repeatedly I have been hit with shit. I have always come through it with the help of my friends and family.  Some people might curl up in  ball and die. Not me.  My dad his anthem when he was fighting in court everyday? Not afraid eminem. Mine has been “Shake it Out” Florence and the Machine.

                   Obama has just won again. As a woman my body is eternally grateful. But seriously as a small business owner where the fuck was my bail out? I put more money into my local economy! As a home owner what the fuck happened? Where is the middle class? Where is the American dream?

                     I’m not dead yet. As my dad says ” It’s not the Donner party but it’s getting close” I am going to fight beyond anything to get myself back up to wear I was with the help of my friends.




Thank you to The: Burns, The Clancys, The Halls, The Ungars,The Grimms, Ned I don’t know your last name but thank you. Robert Kindness as well. To Moe, Ashley A., Ashley S. Anne Dakota, Janine,  Beth, Lucia, Emily, if wasn’t for all of you I think I would be curled up in a ball and not fighting forward. Thank you.



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Marilyn Monroe is always popular. She is one of the most recognized women in the world. This past year there have been three Marilyn based projects. The first the film “My Week with Marilyn” starring Michelle Williams, then Smash the TV show about a musical about her, and then there is another film starring Naomi Watts. I’ve loved Marilyn since I was a little girl.

Growing up in the 1980s there weren’t many females that I found pretty or looked up to. I enjoyed Madonna but mainly because she ripped off Marilyn Monroe a lot of the time. I didn’t like the big hair, massive shoulder pads, or acid wash jeans of the 80s. It wasn’t my thing. I knew even at the age of eight that that style of fashion was just bad. I think I probably discovered Marilyn around the age of five or six. My mother let me watch the musicals from the 40s and 50s.  I don’t remember the first movie I saw of her or anyone telling me about her. I feel like I just always knew about Marilyn. But I loved her. She was the most beautiful woman ever.

There was just something about Marilyn Monroe. She photographed amazingly. There was a vulnerability and definitely a sense of wanting to save her. As well all know at this point she was deeply troubled. It was pretty understandable given her childhood and background. There’s still so much we don’t know. I enjoyed My Week With Marilyn. I thought Michelle Williams deserved the Oscar. When I heard about her being cast I didn’t think it would work, but watching her and how well she got her mannerisms and facial expressions down was truly an impressive fete. My only problem with My Week with Marilyn was that he wrote the book after she passed away. I find it interesting that the majority of first hand accounts about Marilyn are written by men. I think it would be interesting to have a woman that was close with her talk about her. In most biographies they all agree that with Marilyn men fell in love with and wanted to save the angel but once the reality came out they wanted nothing to do with it. Arthur Miller was a great example of that. He was a big jerk.

I think one of the things that is amazing and unique about Marilyn is that people  feel a personal connection to her. One of her biggest struggles was that she belonged to the public. She still does, I was out thrifting with my Marilyn Monroe purse. This old man came up to me to tell me about the Marilyn statue downtown, he said they just wont let her die. A very odd thing to say but very true. Marilyn lives on the way Elvis does.

Marilyn before she was Marilyn. Norma Jean Baker. That smile, even as the girl next door she was gorgeous and amazing. When I was 20 my sister and I did a Halloween costumer together. She went as Marilyn Monroe and I went as Norma Jean. It was pretty awesome.


I just felt like with all the Marilyn stuff out right now I wanted to put my two cents in. I love her, I always will. I have many T-shirts with her on it, a purse, almost all of her films, her albums, a poster of her in my shop, and quite a few books. There’s just something about her an it factor that doesn’t exist with people anymore.

I’ve been posting loads of stuff on etsy so please check it out!

Mad Men Style

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I am very excited for the upcoming premiere of Season 5 of Mad Men. It’s pretty much like the expectation of Christmas for a kid.  I’ve watched every episode of every season thus far. I was seriously contemplating having a Mad Men party but I think I may just dress up and go somewhere for it. I love Mad Men because the stories and characters are fascinating. The clothing is amazing and spot on. But also because the Mad Men theme party is very doable and fairly easy. So I decided to write a blog on the style and to show case some great pieces I have at the physical shop and on our online store.

Mad Men parties are a lot of fun and pretty easy to do. Unlike a 1920s theme party. I get a lot of people that are doing the 1920s party not realizing that A) People were A LOT smaller then B) It’s almost a hundred years ago so that clothes, not that easy to come by and C) How expensive those authentic clothes are.  Now with Mad Men people were smaller then as well but if you can’t find a dress you can always accessorize!

Let’s start with the men.

Men’s vintage clothing in general is hard to come by in good shape. Men you have a tendency to get a suit and wear it for 30 years. Women we buy a dress wear it once and keep it for 30 years. But with Mad Men all you need is a good suit, preferably with skinny lapels and a skinny skinny tie. If you can’t find the suit an authentic skinny tie is pretty easy to come by and makes the outfit.  Of course everyone talks of the hats men wear on Mad Men they call them fedoras. They aren’t! Fedora’s have a wider brim what they wear on Mad Men is essentially a shorter brimmed fedora called a Trilby. These can be hard to find in normal guy sizes, heads were smaller. But you also must be aware of the fact that they didn’t wear the hats pushed down it perched. This was so you wouldn’t have a hat hair line when you took your hat off. I’m sure you notice the immaculate hair Don Draper has.

This is a early 1960s skinny tie I have in the shop right now. It’s super skinny and paired with a white/cream button down collared shirt, some nice slacks and maybe some Clark Kent glasses and you are good to go!

This is a great Mid 1960s Sport Coat I have at the shop and on our online don’t worry I’ll put the website where you can purchase at the bottom of this blog but I gotta get you to read it first! Again pair this with a skinny tie, slacks, and a trilby outfit done.

Now onto the ladies

I want all three of those dresses, but that’s besides the point. I know that Banana Republic is doing a “Mad Men” line. Don’t buy it. I can guarantee it’s over priced crap. Plus who wants to show up at a party with the same outfit as someone else? Again the beauty of these early 1960s theme parties is that you can find the clothes! They are great quality, gorgeous fabrics, and great shapes that suit a variety of body types. A key to vintage dress shopping especially if you are doing it online is to know your bust, natural waist (right below the rib cage, smallest part of you), and hip measurements. That way you can buy those bombshell wiggle dresses and  be able to breath.  Women use to have tiny waists and also wear girdles that suck you in. Spanx doesn’t compare to those girdles. I often will wear a waist cincher with my vintage dresses.

This is an Elizabeth Arden early 1960s Aqua Silk Shantung dress with matching jacket I have in the shop right now. This screams Joan Holloway. It is a more casual outfit for a Mad Men party. You pair this with kitten heels, a clutch, and beads.

This is a late 1950s early 1960s Gold and White Velvet Flocked Circle Skirt Dress. These are very desirable right now, they also have a tendency to TINY. If you are looking for something like this in a more normal size for today it’s best to give yourself some time to either hunt your local vintage stores or get it online.

Now if you can’t find a dress you like that fits the way you like you can always do a simple black cocktail dress and accessories! The beauty of accessories no size. Here are some example of items I’ve had that are 60s that you can pair with a black cocktail dress and look authentic.

This is a brown vinyl “patent” purse. This is from the early 1960s and it’s a good size because you can fit a cell phone in it. With a lot of vintage purses there isn’t room because it didn’t exist!

This is an early 60s cigarette case. Not this actual one but one exactly like it was used on an episode of Mad Men! The smoking accessories are very of the era. If you are the one throwing the party I recommend the old giant crystal ash trays. We have a few awesome ones at the shop.

This is  a pair of early 1960s black patent heels. They have a thin heel with a point toe. Again pair these with a black cocktail dress, some pearls and a black clutch. Good. To. Go.

Finally Gloves. Gloves can be a little tricky because again women were smaller and had smaller hands.  But if your hands are actually small they are great period piece. Also if you’re like me where my actual wrists and hands are small but I have long skinny fingers you can get away with wearing them. The finger part just wont go all the way down but if they are on your hand no one can tell.

Let’s talk booze now. My favorite Mad Men cocktail is the old fashioned. I started drinking these because of Don Draper and it’s pretty much my drink of choice. Whiskey Sours are also good but I recommend downloading a recipe where you make the sour, sour mix is gross. Really almost anything with Whiskey is good. Martinis, Tom Collins, but if you do a Martini it has to be real so that means GIN people.

Well those are just some of my tips for a Mad Men party. Feel free to contact me if you would like more advice about I’m sure I left somethings out. I can’t wait for this new season.

Here is my website

All Over the Place

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I have a very eclectic taste in music. I have been told I’m all over the place. It’s true. When I tell people who my favorite bands are they usually respond, I wouldn’t have guessed that. This week I decided to write about some of my favorites. There are about a thousand so these are just a few.

My favorite band of all time is Oasis.  I fell in love with them when I was 13 or 14. I was watching MTV and “Don’t Look Back in Anger” came on the TV.  I don’t know I just connected with the song, with them, just something. I’ve seen Oasis five times in concert. I got to meet Noel Gallagher when I was 20 and cried after  the fact. He was very nice to me and saved me from getting crushed by a group of frat boys trying to get to him. I am going to see him with his solo project Noel Gallgher’s High Flying Birds. I am absolutely stoked.  A lot of people, in America at least, give Oasis a lot of crap, I’m sorry they are waaaay better than Coldplay. All you have to do is see Oasis live to get it. Noel Gallagher is an amazing guitar player and Liam Gallagher is probably one of the biggest rockstars ever. His persona its just him.  I use to go to this record store in Evanston. Vintage Vinyl. The owner was and is a big Oasis fan.  He told me about seeing them at the Metro when Definitely Maybe came out. He liked the album but when Liam Gallagher came out on stage and didn’t really do anything, he told me he turned to his friend and said “He’s not doing anything.” His friend responded. “Give it a second. He doesn’t have too” He said he watched him and it was true. Liam Gallagher just owns the stage without doing a whole hell of a lot. They put on a phenomenal show. To me my favorite album is Definitely Maybe their first album. Their later albums are pretty solid too.

I went through a huge Britpop phase when I was 13 til about 16 I’d say I’m still very into the britpop bands but just not as obsessive as I was then. There was the summer I was going into high-school and I saw everyone at the Metro, The Riv, The Vic, and The Aragon. I saw Blur, The Verve, Kula Shaker, The Charleton’s UK, Supergrass, The Seahorses (John Squires newer band), Corner Shop, The Manic Street Preachers, Paul Weller, Starsailer, Mansun, Spacehog, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some but it was the summer of Britpop. I highly recommend all those bands. Most of them aren’t active anymore but they were awesome when they were. Better than the britpop crap that’s out now.

I was raised by hippie parents. My middle name is after Bob Dylan’s first wife and my first name is after Dylan Thomas’s wife. My sister and I grew up listening to the Beatles, The Stones. My Father is the kind of guy where you like the Beatles or the Stones you can’t like both. My mom, sister, and I all like both.  When we went on road trips staples in the cassette player were the Traveling Wilburys, The White Album, The Grateful Dead, and Big Brother and the Holding Company.  I love Janis. She is one of my favorite singers of all time. I have every album that’s been put out and listen to them repeatedly. No one has come close to being able to sing like her.

CCR was another band that was constantly in rotation on the tape deck of the old Eagle. I always joke that I’m closet hippie. I don’t dress like one but do I enjoy true rock and roll from the late 1960s and early 1970s yes I do. I love The Who, CCR, The Moody Blues, The Doors, Skynard, Janis, Jefferson Airplane, The Stones, The Beatles, again I’m sure I’m forgetting some.

While having hippie parents I also grew up listening to Dick Biondi on Oldies 104.3 which sadly is gone but Dick Biondi is on 94.7 now. My mom tells me he sounds the exact same as when she would listen to him on the radio. But I love late 1950s and early 1960s pop music. I was obsessed with the song Last Kiss by J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers. This was before itunes so I couldn’t find it anywhere. What I love about late 1950s and early 1960s pop music is a lot of it is pretty morbid. I was eight years old and obsessed with a song about a guy and his girlfriend getting into a car crash. At the age of sixteen I learned about Connie Francis. I saw the movie Louis and Clark and George. A heist caper with Rose McGowan. She lip-syncs “Where the Boys Are” in the back of a 1959 Pink Cadillac. I asked my mom who the song was by she told me Connie Francis. I went out and bought her greatest hits CD and fell in love. Connie was fantastic. She’s one that’s on constant rotation at the shop.

Connie Francis and Johnnie Ray are two of my absolute favorite singers. Johnnie Ray is a little less well known unless you’re a lady in her early 70s. I swear any time I listen to him in the shop the only people that recognize him are older women. When they ask me if it’s him there’s always a slight swoon in their voice. He was pretty dreamy. I discovered him because he was in “There’s No Business Like Show Business” with Marilyn Monroe. At the age of again probably eight or nine I thought he had one of the most unique voices I had ever heard. It wasn’t until I was 24 and randomly looked him up on itunes that I finally got a bunch of music. And let me tell you how awesome it is. If you like old school crooners check him out.

The 1980s move Shag introduced me to the beauty of Lloyd Price. Again its early 1960s pop but it’s kind of soul too. Stagger Lee makes me want to get up and dance every time I hear it. I have Lloyd Price’s greatest hits and its a solid album. It’s definitely one I like to cruise around and listen to in the summer. There’s something very beachy about his music without being surfy. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of Shag which is set in Myrtle Beach in the early 60s.  I went to Myrtle Beach, gotta tell ya I probably would have enjoyed it more in 1963.

Now onto my guilty but not so guilty pleasures. People tell me they are guilty but they aren’t to me because I love them! Britney Spears and Katy Perry. Love them. I have loved Britney since I was 16. I remember when “Baby One More Time” came out. Ooooh how I loved it and still do. Even if you don’t like Britney you have to admit it’s a damn fine pop song. I have seen Brit-brit 4 times in concert. It was awesome. I like Katy Perry because again she makes fun pop music. Pure sugary pop music. She reminds me of Betty Boop. This last album was a massive hit so clearly I’m not the only one that likes her. The rest of you just wont admit it.

Lastly for this lengthy blog my love of hip hop. I love old skool hip hop like the Pharcyde Bizarre Ride is one of the best hip hop albums in my opinion and Passin Me By one of my favorite tracks. Check them out they are fab and not like most of the crap hip hop that’s out now. I’d say for current hip hop my two fave artists are Kanye and Kid Cudi. I know there are a lot of Kanye haters out there but you gotta admit he makes killer tracks. He is also a crazy good live artist. I went to the Glow in Dark tour and it was one of the best concerts I’d ever been too. He’s got an ego but he’s got the talent to back it up. Kid Cudi I just love. Both of his albums are so solid. Check him out if you haven’t!

Alright that’s it for today. Just remember this is a very small sampling of my musical taste. I left out No Doubt on purpose because I’ve already written about Gwen and my love of them a few times.  Apologies for grammar as always. And I am posting a ton of items on the esty so check them out!

I like to do nerdy things like research.

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Recently I helped a friend track down an article of vintage clothing he was looking for, I found it in a reproduction but it was perfect. In case you were curious it’s the Apollo sweater that Danny from the Shining wears. He said I was awesome, which I totally am. But I explained to him there are two things I’m really good at research and vintage clothing. This might be why I’m good at what I do. I don’t know when the research thing started. I’ve always been a huge mystery fan especially historical mysteries. When I was little I would write mysteries with a Cat as the detective. This is the story of one of my favorite and nerdiest research moments. Because it was all in my spare time and just for fun. It’s the story of Anna C. Spahn.

I grew up next to a cemetery. They have never wigged me out at all. I always kind of loved them. Not that I have ever been the creepy girl that hangs out in one, but I like the monuments. I wonder about the people buried in them. That’s how this research project came along. The above photo is a monument in the cemetery next to my house. Her name was Anna C. Spahn. Creepy name no?

As you can see this is an impressive monument. She was obviously a teenager when she passed away and her family clearly had money. The reason I started doing research on her was simply curiosity and time to kill.

It was my freshmen year at Columbia College. As a freshmen I didn’t yet grasp the “get your classes as close together as possible, so you don’t have to hang out downtown or travel downtown from the northside every day.” I learned that Sophomore year.  I had about a two and a half hour break between classes on Monday and Wednesday. Some days I would wonder down to Marshall Field’s and look at clothing. That ended up being trouble for my bank account. So I started going to the Harold Washington Library.  While there I would play with the Microfiche. I liked to look up the old newspapers about Al Capone and the Leopold and Loeb murder case/trial. Did I mention I’m slightly morbid at times too? Maybe it has to do with growing up next to a cemetery. I digress.

As you can see there is a death date on her monument. No birth date. This is what put me into curiosity mode. I wanted to know how old she was, I wanted to see if I could find out anything about her, and as I said I had time to kill. So to the Library I went.  I started out by finding the newspapers from the week of her death. I thought there would be a death announcement, again the family had money so it was just logical. I did find a death announcement! But sigh the mystery continued on because there was still no birth date and no mention of how old she had been. The wake was public and held at Holy Name in Chicago.

The family bought a plot but she was the only one buried there. After the lack of information from the newspaper. I decided to go all out. I went up to the librarian and asked her how to read the 1920 census. She looked at me like I was a little nuts. She asked if it was for a project, I told her no just for fun. Again she looked a little perplexed. I was 19, probably didn’t look like your average research nerd, with my pink and purple hair, and sex pistols t-shirt.  But I learned how to read the 1920 census. It’s on Microfiche if you ever want to go check it out but be warned its written in the really tiny cursive from the turn of the century that’s almost impossible to read. Luckily it is alphabetical and divided up so it’s only a few letters together at time. In other words you don’t have to spend six years going through everyone. So I sat and scrolled through not sure how many Spahns there would be. Eureka! Success! There was only one in the Chicago area. Better yet there was one with a daughter named Anna! I finally got the information I was after, it was thrilling, satisfying, and just fun.

So here it is Anna C. Spahn was 17 when she died. Cause of death still unknown. But she was the daughter of a second marriage. Her mother was 40 when she had her. Which for that time period was very odd. She had two half brothers. One who was a detective for the Chicago PD. Her father owned a furniture store at Diversey and Halstead. She was living a few blocks away off of Diversey. That’s what I found out. I found it pretty interesting. But I am a nerd. I ended up doing my production two film about her. I was pretty satisfied with the information I found out, of course I would love to know more especially about her half brother that was a detective. That will probably be the next research project.

Dealing in vintage clothing there are a lot of stories behind the clothes and I love hearing them. I also love discovering labels and doing the research on that. In other words if you every need help finding out something I’m your girl!

As always apologies for my bad grammar. It’s not my strong point. Check out the new items in the etsy shop!

Spring Cleaning its Great So You Don’t End Up a Hoarder!

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I am a fan of the TV show Hoarders. I also like American Pickers. I think watching them makes a good combination of collecting and selling. I find Hoarders fascinating and it always inspires me to clean out my closets. I have a lot of clothes. This isn’t surprising considering I’ve been in the vintage clothing business for 10 years and in general just love fashion. At work before seeing the TV show I would jokingly say I hoarded things. Which I did. But didn’t realize it until seeing the show and then coming across my very own favorite hoarder. I guess this blog is about collecting and the beauty of letting go.

One of many never worn pieces.

In December of 2010 I got a call from some people claiming to have a bunch of unworn with original tags 1950s and 1960s stuff. In my head I thought “Ya Right” in truth that almost never happens. Maybe a piece or two but not a bunch. I set up an appointment with them expecting it to be miss dated items, everything new, or a bunch being 3 pieces. I was wrong. They brought in box after box of dresses, skirts, shirts, all ranging from 1958-1980 unworn with the original tags. The majority of the tags even had the date of purchase and the price paid for the item. This was not even half of the stuff they told me. And this was where  I met my favorite OCD Hoarder.

One of many pairs of unworn shoes these were from 1959

Kate was her name. She was from the Northside of Chicago. She lived a good life and to the ripe old age of 92. Her sister was still alive and in her late 80s still smoking like a chimney. I kind of aspire to be her.  Kate never married or had children. She liked to shop.  Her sister had quite a few kids. In my head, she did all this shopping intended for them but then in typical hoarder fashion had trouble giving the items away. Her sister had no idea that Kate was such a clothes horse. Because it wasn’t until she passed away that they discovered that she had three storage spaces and an extra apartment for all of her clothing and accessories! There were 800 boxes filled with clothing, shoes, jewelry, purses, and scarves.

1960s Pink Silk Organza Cheongsam with Original Tags

I spent almost a full year buying from them.For a vintage clothing store owner it was the mother load. Most hoarders hoard what we know as junk or trash they find it to be gold. Kate was not this kind of hoarder. Not only did she have fabulous taste and a wide range of sizes but she took great care of hoard. On almost every item there was the original tag with date of purchase and price paid. On the shoes she kept all of them in boxes with descriptions of what they were, where and when she wore them (if at all) and again price paid and date purchased.

A Fabulous 60s Tiki Two Piece Outfit with Original Tags

After I began working with Kate’s family and helping them with cleaning out the hoard of clothes I began to think about my own closets. Yes I have more than one, I have four. One for coats, one for black tie dresses, one for skirts and day dresses, and then one for sweaters and vintage blouses. This was a little excessive especially because there was a lot of stuff I wasn’t wearing! It became very clear to me. I needed to part with some of it. I am lucky when it comes to clothes and collectibles that I have a shop where I can bring it in here and sell it. But if you have the time you can do etsy, ebay, or heck call me if you aren’t wear it, cash in pocket is better than nothing.

Another Pair of Early 60s Unworn Black Patent Pumps

As I began to attack my closet, weeding out things that absolutely did not fit, that I hadn’t worn in two years, and things that were not my style I became a little anxious.  I thought crap I am a hoarder I’m having emotional attachment to objects! But I plowed on and took a bunch of dresses to the store. I think I got over the emotional attachment when I had a girl buy one of my dresses. It was one that I did love but it just never looked right on me. I had even worn it a couple of times but hadn’t in two years. Which is now my rule. If I haven’t worn it in two years it’s out of the closet! But she loved it and looked fabulous in it. I realized that’s really what being a collector is about, you find something you love it and you pass it on for someone else to enjoy it.

That’s the only experience I’ve had with a true hoarder. I would have loved to have met her but I’m sure she’s glad that the clothing has been passed on.  Because it’s the perfect case of you can’t take it with you when you go, so why not let someone else love it?

I am going to try to blog more hopefully I don’t get writers block! But if you ever need help making decisions or cleaning out hoard don’t hesitate to contact me through the shop! I’m glad to help.